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Wednesday: 3-8pm
Thursday:     3-8pm

Friday:           3-8pm

Saturday:      12-8pm

Sunday:         12-7.30pm

Lebanese Mezza

We have Catering and Takeout. Call for more info.

Gluten Free Bread – $4.00 piece
GF = Gluten Free
AGF = Available as Gluten Free

AGF Olives & Toum $14.00
Homemade Lebanese garlic sauce. Served with kalamata olives and pitas

AGF Hummus $14.00
Chickpeas blended with tahini, garlic and fresh lemon juice. Served with pitas

AGF Grape Leaves $16.00
Stuffed with a mixture of rice and spices. Garnished with pickled turnips and hummus. Served with pitas

AGF Baba Ghanoush $15.00
Char-grilled eggplant, blended with tahini, garlic, lemon juice. Served with pitas

GF Sautéed Vegetables $14.00
Fresh mushrooms, zucchini, rainbow peppers, pan fried with garlic butter